We thrive to help new entrepreneurs to start a company, that's why Qonto support you to deposit your capital online.

In order to carry out the initial capital increase with Qonto, please make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • All shareholders must be natural persons or legal entities

  • All shareholders - natural persons - must be adults

  • All shareholders must be citizens from an EU or EFTA country and possess a valid ID

  • The activity of your future company doesn't belong to the forbidden activities listing

  • The account owner must live in the country where the future company will be located

  • Legal entities as shareholder should be companies registered in France

  • The initial capital increase must be paid from an account on the subscriber's name

  • The capital must be fixed (Qonto is not able to let you incorporate a new share company with variable capital)

  • The capital release must be complete

  • 100% of the capital must be contribution in cash

  • The contribution must be at least €1 per shareholder

The capital deposit is currently available to French and German companies.

To know more about the specifics for each country:

☝️ Good to know: Qonto allows you to increase your share capital. More details in this article.

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