Your Qonto subscription is due monthly.

Adapt your plan to your needs and change it anytime. Access our pricing page to discover all Qonto plans HERE.

How does it work?

1. Go to the Settings section of your Qonto web app,

2. click on Subscription from the Organization settings section,

3. click on Change plan,


4. A pop-up will appear, select the plan you're interested in and click on Next.


Choosing a superior plan:

If you’re upgrading, the change will be immediate. You’ll be charged the price for the new plan, _prorata temporis_ until your next subscription anniversary — to pay only for what you use. You’ll be able to benefit from the new pricing and new features right away!

Choosing a lower plan:

If you want to switch to a lower plan, this will take effect at your next anniversary date. Until then, you’ll still benefit from your current options and pricing. At your next anniversary, the new price plan will be effective.

Change my plan with Qonto Pack:

If you have subscribed to the Solo Pack for your company registration, you can upgrade to the Standard Plan. For this, please follow the process mentioned above. After your upgrade, you will be charge each month from the difference: 20 € HT.

It's however not possible to change to a lower plan from Standard Pack. Indeed, the plan have been paid for 1 year. You will have to wait until the end of this commitment to be able to choose a lower price.

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