Note: this article only applies to French companies. 🇫🇷

If you want to create a company, you can carry out the initial capital deposit with Qonto. The requirements are listed here.

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During the online process, you'll need to:

  • Provide general information about the company (name, legal form, activity, etc.)

  • Upload proof of address for the company's headquarters (the headquarter address must be in metropolitan France)

  • Upload the final by-laws

  • Provide information about the legal representative of the company and each shareholder

  • Upload a copy of a valid ID/passport

Once all shareholders will have transferred funds for the initial capital increase, you'll receive the deposit certificate for you to complete your registration with the business administration office.

🔔 Warning! We'll not be able to accept the capital deposit if at least one of the subscribers isn't a French resident.

In order to finalize your account opening, we'll ask you to upload your registration certificate.

Processing the initial capital increase of your company with Qonto is much faster than with any traditional bank, so save time and let us guide you!

Furthermore, please note that Qonto is not able to let you incorporate a new share company with variable capital or non-cash contribution.

However, Qonto now allows you to increase your share capital. More details in this article.

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