Once all the information related to your activity have been completed during your registration, we will need your bylaws.

In order to register your company with Qonto, your bylaws must be personalized to indicate where the shared capital is deposited.

When adding your bylaws to your Qonto website, we will accompany you step by step to help you modify them:

1 - Prepare the bylaws and proof of address for your company

2. Amend the "Inputs" section of your company's bylaws

☝️ Change the "Inputs" section

In the "Inputs" article, you will be asked to copy the mention below:

"The funds corresponding to the numeral contributions were deposited on behalf of the company in formation"

✌️ Check that the "Inputs" article does not include "Bank"

Any mention of "deposit in a bank" or "opening a bank account" must be deleted. Indeed, Qonto is not a bank, but a payment institution.

💡 Here is an alternative "filed to the credit of a transit account opened with Olinda SAS, on behalf of the company being formed"

3. File your company's bylaws

Before uploading your bylaws, make sure that the following points are respected :

✅ The document is not dated

✅ Your company and your shareholders' information are correct

✅ The document is perfectly readable. Tip: use PDF format.

4 - Automatically file or generate an annex

Once your bylaws are downloaded, you will have the choice between using your own custom annex or automatically generate an annex.

A - My bylaws already include an annex

You can choose to use and download your own annex, in the following cases, in particular :

  • If you have used an affiliate partner (for example, through our Legalstart partnership)

  • If you have hired a public accountant

  • If you have written your own annex

In this case, you must ensure that the following changes have been made:

☝️ Check the mention of our notary partner

Qonto has several notary studies in order to edit certificates quickly. One of these notaries has been assigned to you to take charge of your capital deposit. The mention of this notary must appear in your annex, with the following text:

"Les fonds correspondants aux apports en numéraire ont été déposés par OLINDA SAS (Qonto), dûment mandatée à cet effet, par chacun des associés, sur le compte ouvert au nom de la Société en formation auprès de l’étude notariale XXXXXXXXXX, située XXXXXXXXXX, ainsi qu’il en résulte du certificat établi par le notaire dépositaire des fonds, sur présentation notamment de l'état des souscriptions mentionnant la somme versée par les associés.

L’état des souscriptions joint aux présents statuts est certifié sincère et véritable par le représentant légal de la société."

✌️ Check the status of the acts performed

This annex article includes a summary of all the operations carried out before the creation of your business concerning Qonto.

You must ensure that the following statement is included:

"État des actes accomplis au nom de la société en formation avant la signature des statuts :

  • Dépôt du capital social auprès d’une étude notariale

  • Ouverture d’un compte de transit à leurs noms auprès de OLINDA SAS (Qonto), établissement de paiement agréé auprès de l’ACPR

  • Ouverture d’un compte de paiement au nom de la Société auprès de OLINDA SAS (Qonto), établissement de paiement agréé auprès de l’ACPR"

B - My bylaws do not include an annex

Qonto can automatically generate an annex to your bylaws for you, if they do not already include one.

In this case, Qonto will automatically add two paragraphs, which you can view during your register.

  • About funds: this article describes which notary will receive the funds deposit.

  • The status of acts: this article contains all the acts performed on behalf of the company before the signing of the bylaws. The article includes in particular the mention of opening a Qonto payment account.

Finally, last important element, do not forget to provide the proof of address of your company

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