What bylaws should I provide for the capital deposit?

My bylaws to create and register my company

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What are the bylaws?

The bylaws contain all the important information about your new company:

  • its corporate name (the name of your company)

  • the legal form

  • the registered office address

  • the amount of share capital

  • the contributions of each partner or shareholder

  • the corporate purpose (summary of the company's main activities*)

  • the life span of the company

1️⃣ This is a document to provide to the Guichet unique des entreprises when you apply for registration.

💡 To help you, we offer model of bylaws to customize to suit your project.

You can also ask your accountant, lawyer or formalist to help you redact the document.

2️⃣ This document will also be requested by Qonto when you register your company, and you'll need to drag and drop it into the "Deposit your bylaws" section.

⚠️ Some important information about your status

  • In order to avoid a refusal by the Guichet unique, your status projects:

Must not ❌

Must ✅

Be dated before the date you obtain your certificate of deposit

Be perfectly legible (Tip: use PDF format)

  • Because Qonto is a payment institution, not a bank (a credit institution), certificates of deposit are issued and signed by notaries. For this reason, we add an appendix at the end of your bylaws. This appendix completes the "Contributions" section of your bylaws by mentioning the notary's office that certifies the capital deposit, in order to register with the Guichet unique. The appendix is automatically added to your bylaws once they have been validated by our teams.

  • When your deposit certificate is available, we'll send you the complete version of your bylaws (with appendix).

  • To avoid a refusal when registering with the Guichet unique, it is important to use the version with the appendix of your bylaws. This appendix contains essential information about your capital deposit.

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