To simplify your accounting, Qonto allows you to attach invoices to all of your transactions.

When you initiate a new transfer, you need to justify the transaction by providing a document to execute it.

Before setting up a new transfer, make sure that you have a digital version or a picture of the document.

Which kinds of documents can justify a transfer?

Accepted documents depend on the transfer purpose.

The most common are:

Transfer type


Paying a supplier, a professional.

An invoice composed of the following information: emitter, company name, amount, and IBAN.

Paying your employees.

A payslip or IBAN

Paying your CEO salary.

An IBAN and/or the written record of the general assembly, if applicable

Return money to a business partner.

A proof of payment and/or a written record if applicable

Initiating a transfer to an individual beneficiary

A sales announcement, a car registration certificate in case of a purchase, a deed of assignment, an IBAN

For international transfer : Kbis + contract

Initiating a transfer to regularize a tax situation.

Any official document provided by one of these public institutions

Paying for a rent

A lease, an invoice or a rent receipt

Acquisition of a real property

A sales agreement signed by both parties

Investing money

A contract, the general assembly written record, or a notarial act

Transferring funds from one account to another (same company)

The IBAN of the beneficiary bank, in the company's name

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