In the majority of cases, your beneficiary will receive the exact amount you have sent to him from your Qonto account. However, in very rare cases of currency transfers, the amount received may differ from the amount sent.

In fact, currency transfers are sent to your beneficiary via our partner Kantox in SHA mode ("shared costs" - the market standard). The receiving bank may choose to charge a transfer fee. These will then be either:

  • Charged separately, to the beneficiary's account

  • Imputed directly on the amount of the transfer

For example, if I send $1,000 to the United States, and the receiving bank charges a $15 international transfer fee, then the transfer recipient:

  • Can be charged $15 of reception fees, or

  • May receive only $985 of the $1,000 sent

This second case is again quite rare, but possible in some less common banks. In these cases, it is sometimes wise to inquire about these fees from your supplier, before making your international transfer.

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