Why can't I execute non-euro transfers?
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There are 3 reasons that can explain why our third-party service provider doesn't accept your transactions in foreign currencies yet:

  • Your company was recently registered. Thus, all the required information isn't publicly available yet, including your NAF/APE code. We automatically check for your NAF/APE code on public databases several times a week, so your account should be granted access quickly.

  • A representative of your company has requested that its information should not be made available on public databases. If you fall into this case, please reach out to our customer support to provide the required information privately. We will update your company information in our system, so you can get instant access to non-euro transfers.

  • Your company has several Qonto accounts. Our third-party service provider’s internal processes / API makes it so that they do not currently support more than one account per company. The feature is active only for the first account you created for your company with us.

To learn more about non-euro transfers, click here.

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