Here are the potential reasons that explain why your card is declined:

  • Your physical card hasn't been activated (here is the solution)
  • You didn't activate the cards options that let you process that type of transaction: online payments, payments abroad, NFC payments
  • You don't have sufficient funds on your account
  • You've exceeded the limitations of your card
  • The card has previously been declared lost or stolen and then automatically blocked
  • An admin of the account has suspended the card
  • Your billing address doesn't match the ZIP code registered on your card
  • You've tried to slide your card through the payment device, which is not allowed everywhere
  • if you spend more than €150 consecutively via contactless (NFC), you, therefore, need to tap your PIN to reset this limit.

Please note that even if you have enough money in your account and you haven't reached the limits of your card, a cash withdrawal might still be refused by an ATM:

  • Its inherent limits may block significant transactions
  • Or it may not have enough cash to process your request.

If you need to increase your monthly limits or want to unlock your card, please get in touch with your admin.

For all other requests, you can contact our Support Team.

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