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Which commercial register document does Qonto require for german companies in formation?
Which commercial register document does Qonto require for german companies in formation?

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🚀 Now live - account opening with commercial register application!

With the new account opening for founders, you can already fully use and activate your account at Qonto immediately with the notarised commercial register application to avoid unnecessary waiting time!

👆 What should I pay attention to when applying to the commercial register?

  • Qonto will send you the proof of your bank account with the share capital. If you indicate this during registration, we will automatically send a copy of the document to your notary.

  • Once your notary has completed the commercial register application for you, have your notary give you a certified copy of the document.

  • The document must be signed by the notary and have a stamp or seal.

  • Now upload the commercial register application in the Qonto app and we can activate your account immediately!

  • Only outgoing SWIFT payments are only possible after complete registration in the commercial register.

  • We check for you in the background for 70 days whether your company has been fully registered and do the work for you.

❓ What information must the commercial register application contain?

  • Company name, registered office

  • Object of the company (business activity)

  • Details of the persons authorised to represent the company (managing directors, authorised signatories)

  • Representation regulations of the company

  • Reference to the underlying articles of association with list of shareholders

  • Details of the competent commercial register

  • Signature of the managing director(s)

  • Signature and stamp/seal of the notary public

Example of an application to the commercial register

handelsregisteranmeldung example1
handelsregisteranmeldung example2
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