All physical Qonto cards include Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. This technology allows you to make contactless payments.

Whether you have a One, Plus or X card, you can pay up to €50 without having to tap your PIN code to confirm a transaction, so you can save time at the checkout. All you have to do is bring your card within 3 cm of the payment terminal.

Please note that contactless payments can be enabled or disabled by an account Admin in the card settings section.

What are the limits?

For security reasons, some limitations apply regarding NFC payments:

  • all payment above €50 will be automatically rejected (above €25 in Italy)

☝️Good to know: On May, 11th this limit increased from €30 to €50. This is the maximum amount set by the Payment Services Directive (PSD). Please note that you don't have to replace your Qonto card in order to update this limit.

  • you can pay up to €150 consecutively via contactless (NFC)

Beyond this amount, you will be asked to tap your PIN code to reset the limit.

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