You can choose between two types of MasterCard payment cards:

1) Physical cards

Physical cards can be used for all kinds of payments, in-store or online. To initiate the order of a physical card, go to the Cards section on the left of your Qonto interface. To confirm the order, the cardholders are invited to set up their personal PIN code. This action will confirm the card ordering and the shipment to the cardholder’s personal address. Once received, physical cards have to be activated online and by completing a first transaction using your PIN, either in-store or at an ATM.

Card permissions can be managed anytime by your account admin.

2) Virtual cards

Virtual cards can be used for online payments, make in-store payments with Apple Pay or Google Pay and depending ****on the spending limitations defined by the account admin (with a maximum of €20.000 per calendar month). They have the same expiration dates as physical cards. Users can initiate the creation of a virtual card online by going to the Cards section of their application. In contrary to physical ones, virtual cards do not need to be activated. They can be used online just a few minutes after their creation. You can enjoy more flexibility and a better follow-up for your online recurring (or one-time) purchases: business trips, subscriptions, office supplies...

✌️ Good to know: Virtual cards are free and unlimited for Premium plans. If you want to know more about our subscriptions and its benefits, click here.

MasterCards are accepted all around the world. If you use your card abroad, please note that foreign exchange fees may apply.

Can I have both cards?

Of course! You can cumulate virtual and physical cards.

Can I add my cards to Apple Wallet and Google Pay?

You can add all your Qonto cards to Apple Wallet and Google Pay for carefree payments. This means you can now use your virtual cards in stores via Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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