With your Qonto account, you can manage your card settings in a few clicks!

Go to the 'Cards' section located on the left of your Qonto homepage. When you select a physical card, its settings appear in a new tab on the right and you can start customizing them: set monthly or day limits, transaction limit, enable or disable ATM withdrawals, manage online payments, payments abroad and NFC options as well.

👉This customization works also for virtual cards.

Please note that only Account Holders, Admins and Managers (for their team) and primary owners can manage card settings.

💡If you have set up Strong Customer Authentication on your account, you will receive a confirmation request on your associated phone.

I’d like to modify settings on…

... Physical Card

With a physical card, you can pay online or offline (with PIN code or contactless) and you can withdraw cash. You can use your physical card in France or abroad.

On a physical card the Admin or the Manager can set:

  • Authorization to withdraw money

  • Authorization to pay contactless

  • Authorization to pay online

  • Authorization to pay abroad

  • Days of use (for example from Monday to Friday)

  • Monthly limit (up to € 60,000 for X card)

  • Daily limit

  • Transaction limit

… Virtual card

With a virtual card, you can pay directly from creation, online or offline (by adding it to Google pay / Apple pay). If your physical card hasn’t arrived yet, you can start spending with a virtual card.

On a virtual card, the Admin or the Manager can set:

  • Monthly limit (up to 20 000€)

  • Daily limit

  • Transaction limit

  • Days of use (for example from Monday to Friday)

… Flash*

Flash* card is a temporary virtual card. It can be attributed to any member of your team for a specific occasion.

On a Flash* card the Admin or the Manager can set:

  • When creating it: a budget and a time of validity

  • The budget can be adjusted throughout the time of validity

  • The time of validity can’t be modified. If the card holder needs to pay after the chosen date, the Admin or the Manager will need to create a complementary Flash card.

Can I make contactless payments with my Qonto card?

All physical Qonto cards include Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. This technology allows you to make contactless payments.

Whether you have a One, Plus or X card, you can pay up to €50 without having to tap your PIN code to confirm a transaction, so you can save time at the checkout. All you have to do is bring your card within 3 cm of the payment terminal.

Please note that contactless payments can be enabled or disabled by an Admin or Manager in the card settings section.

What are the limits?

For security reasons, some limitations apply regarding NFC payments:

  • all payment above €50 will be automatically rejected (above €25 in Italy)

☝️ Good to know: This limit increased to €50. This is the maximum amount set by the Payment Services Directive (PSD). Please note that you don't have to replace your Qonto card in order to update this limit.

  • you can pay up to €150 consecutively via contactless (NFC)

Beyond this amount, you will be asked to tap your PIN code to reset the limit.

*Available on Advanced, Business and Entreprise Plans only.

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