How to fill in a missing VAT?
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Companies with a Smart, Premium, Essential, Business or Enterprise plan can benefit from our automatic VAT detection. The transaction amount and the VAT rate applied are automatically detected thanks to our algorithm, and you have to confirm.

What can I do in case of a missing VAT?

In case a VAT rate is missing for a transaction, you have two options to complete the information: you can fill in the missing information at the transaction level or at the supplier level.

How to add the VAT rate at the transaction level?

You can add or modify a VAT rate to each transaction.

  1. Click on Filters

  2. Select VAT as value, choose “is any of” and “missing” as criteria

  3. Select a transaction and enter VAT data on the right side section of your interface.

How to add the VAT rate at the supplier level?

To do so, follow these easy steps!

  • In the main menu, within the Purchases section, go to the Suppliers section.

  • Click on the row of the supplier to which you want to assign a VAT rate, or find it with the search bar at the top of the screen.

  • Select the VAT rate.

  • Once the rate is selected, you can choose to apply this rate only to future transactions, or to past and future transactions. At all times, you can still modify the VAT rate at the transaction level.

  • Click on Modify to apply your changes. You're done!

👆 Good to know: It is now possible to define these parameters when creating a transfer or adding a new beneficiary!

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