Qonto users can add their payment receipts and VAT rates to their transactions, directly from their app.

Do you have a Standard or Premium plan?

The VAT rate is automatically detected by Qonto's algorithm once the receipt is uploaded. Users have to confirm it.

Moreover, you can automate the setting of your VAT rate by attaching a rate per supplier, within the Suppliers section of the Tools section.

Discover how to do that in 👉 this article!

Do you have a Solo plan?

VAT data must be selected and entered manually according to the rate and the amount indicated on the transaction receipt.

Collect the VAT to prepare your accounting

Considering the entire team's workload, the automated VAT detection and entry is a major time-saver for your company.

☝️ Note: If several VAT rates are applied to one transaction, you can find them in the Others section while filtering your transactions.

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