How can I give access to my accountant?
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Providing your accountant access to Qonto is a great way to make their life easier and will allow them to focus on high added-value tasks for you while making it very easy to:

  • Check on the balance and export transactions with unlimited history

  • Collect and request all the spending receipts

  • Verify, comment and sort out the transactions with labels, VAT rates, etc.

  • Request a transfer (only available on Business and Enterprise plan)

Once your Qonto account is set up, we recommend that you invite your accountant to Qonto.

👆Good to know: This feature is only available to our Smart, Premium, Essential, Business and Enterprise customers.

How does it work?

1. In the Team expenses section, then choose Members

2. Then click on Invite a new member in the top right corner of the screen

3. Select the Accountant role

4. Enter the accountant's details and click on Continue

5. Check the accountant's details and the cost that may be involved, depending on your plan, then click on Send invitation

6. You have successfully sent an invitation to your accountant 🎉

☝️ You want to disable your accountant’s access? Read more in this article.

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