Once your Qonto account is up and running, you can invite additional team members on Qonto and give them specific rights and permissions corresponding to their roles in the company and assign them to a team.

Inviting a new team member to Qonto

You can invite a new team member by following these few steps:

  • In your left hand menu, click on Team Expenses.

  • In the drop-down menu of this section, click on Members.

💡 If you (re)invite an Admin or a Manager to join the account and you have set up Strong Customer Authentication on your account, you will receive a confirmation request on your associated phone.

Access Rights

There are 5 types of user profiles on Qonto: Account Holder, Admin, Manager, Employee, and Accountant.

Please check out this page to learn more about the permissions for each role.

Choose a team

You will then be able to choose the team your collaborator will be assigned.

Please check out this page to lear more about teams.

Security check

When you invite a team member to become an Admin of your Qonto account, he will be requested to register his personal information such as birth date, proof of identity and address.

This set of security measures is required by law before a user can receive a payment card and manage his/her expenses.

Inviting your Accountant to Qonto

Accountants are not required to complete the identity background check mentioned above as they have a read-only access to Qonto accounts and cannot use payment cards.

>> How can I give access to my accountant?

Re-inviting a user to Qonto

You can invite a user to Qonto again if he missed your first invitation email. To do so, you will find a "Re-send invitation" button on his user profile in your "Team" section.

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