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The Qonto app is available on the Play Store by clicking here

Available features:

  • Consult your transactions

  • Add your invoice/receipt to your transactions

  • Issue SEPA transfers

  • Create cards for your team members

  • Manage card limits

  • Lock your cards

  • View and download your statements

Who can register via the app?

🇫🇷In France, opening the account using the application is available for the following legal forms:

  • SA ('Société Anonyme')

  • SAS ('Société par Actions Simplifiée')

  • SASU ('Société par Actions Simplifiée Unipersonnelle')

  • SARL ('Société à Responsabilité Limitée')

  • SC & SCI ('Société civile')

  • EURL ('Entreprise Unipersonnelle à Responsabilité Limitée')

  • Affaire Personnelle Profession Libérale (Independent occupations)

  • Micro-Entreprise (Sole Traders or Micro-Company)

  • Holding (an organization who owns control of a small group of other companies)

All other company types can register on our Web App (app.qonto.com).

It is not yet possible to proceed at your capital deposit using the application

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