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Which subscription should I choose?

For existing companies

There are 4 types of monthly subscription for companies and freelancers:

  1. Solo plan for freelancers with 1 user at €9 excl. VAT per month

  2. Standard plan for team with 5 users at €29 excl. VAT per month

  3. Premium plan with unlimited number of users at €99 excl. VAT per month

  4. Corporate plan, on-demand

Discover our offers directly on our website.

☝️ Good to know: Don't know which one to choose yet? Qonto, it's 30 days free trial and no commitment!

For incorporating companies with capital deposit

Your company doesn't exist yet? You can benefit from discounts with our One-year pack including the capital deposit and a one-year subscription to the plan which suits you best:

  1. Solo package at €139 excl. VAT

  2. Standard package at €319 excl. VAT

Of course, you still have the option of making monthly payments.

💡 You can find the package you have subscribed to at any time by going to your interface and then to Settings > Subscription.

What are the additional fees?

At Qonto's, there is no transaction fee in addition to the cost of the subscription.

Off-subscription fees are linked to an off-subscription operation such as:

To know which operations are included in your monthly plan, click here.

✌️ Good to know: From now on, special operations are included in your monthly plan!

By special operations, we mean:

  • Confirmation letter

  • Non-Sufficient Funds or rejected check

  • Irregularity management

  • SEPA Creditor Identifier creation

  • Return of funds due to an anomaly related to a transfer in foreign currency

Have a look at this article if you wonder how the billing works.

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