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What's the story behind Qonto?
What's the story behind Qonto?
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You think that the traditional banking experience is time-consuming, lacks transparency and doesn't cater to your needs?

That's exactly what happened to Alex and Steve, who were very frustrated with their bank when they started their first business.

That's why they decided to launch Qonto, the first business account that you can manage 100% online, dedicated to SMEs and freelancers.

Qonto aims at reinventing the whole banking experience for entrepreneurs: a quick and seamless account opening, an efficient tool to manage your finances and a great customer support!

Qonto, why this name?

Alex and Steve wanted to launch a fintech startup with European ambitions.

Account in English... Compte in French... Konto in German... and conto in Italian... this is how they came up with Qonto! A name that all European countries could understand.

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