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How does Qonto verify an app recommended in Connect?
How does Qonto verify an app recommended in Connect?
Updated over a week ago

All the tools and services that you can find in the Connect section of your Qonto app follow a verification process to ensure both their quality and security. Therefore, these applications must meet some specific requirements so we can recommend them.

What are those requirements?

Here are some of the expected requirements to appear in Connect:

  • The connexion (through our API or a partner) is secured with a login and a password.

  • Tools are allowed to collect only the information they need and don’t have access in any case to your bank details.

  • Two-factor authentication (also called 2FA) must secure all your sensitive operations. For instance, a request transfer must be validated with a confirmation code sent by SMS.

  • It is possible to block the connexion between the third-party tool and your Qonto account whenever you want.

☝️ Good to know: Obviously, each tool and service in Connect has been tested by Qonto.

Need help?

Do you have a problem or a question? Each app has a dedicated support team ready to help you. You will find the email addresses and all the information you need to contact them directly on each card. If needed, you can also chat with us by logging in to your Qonto interface.

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