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How does Qonto verify applications in the Integrations and Partnerships section?
How does Qonto verify applications in the Integrations and Partnerships section?
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Discover how Qonto makes the world of integrations and partners safe and reliable:

Your Security is Our Priority

At Qonto, we take the quality and security of the integrations and partner services in your app very seriously. For this reason, all tools and services undergo a thorough verification process.

Our Criteria – Your Trust

All integrations and partners must meet the following criteria:

  • Secure Connection: Every application is secured with a strong login and password, which occurs via our API or a partner, to keep your data protected.

  • Targeted Access: The tools only have access to the information they need – your financial data remains private and secure.

  • Double Protection: For sensitive actions, such as transfer requests, double authentication is required (SCA). In practice, SCA means linking a smartphone to your account. Every sensitive operation you or your teams perform must be validated by approving a notification in the Qonto app.

  • Control in Your Hands: You have full control and can revoke access to your Qonto account at any time via the Partners & Integrations menu item or the third-party tool.

Good to know: Every tool and service offered to you under Partners and Integrations has been personally tested by us at Qonto to guarantee a smooth and secure experience.

👉Need Support? If questions arise or you need help, a support team is ready for each app to assist you. On each of the cards in the Partners & Integrations menu, you will find the necessary information to make direct contact.

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