Qonto has developed a new version of the integration with Integromat to offer you the most advanced scenarios so you can create professional integrations.

What is Integromat exactly?

With more than 500 connected apps, Integromat is the most advanced online automation tool. Scenarios are unlimited so you can go even further in the way you automate your business processes and therefore save a lot of precious time.

Which actions can I automate?

Thanks to this new version of the integration, you can automate as many scenarios as possible with more triggers. Therefore you can create alerts for the following actions:

  • List accounts

  • Get an account

  • Read organization

  • List transactions

  • Watch transaction update

  • Get an attachment

  • Make an API call

How does it work?

You can connect your Qonto account with Integromat in just a few clicks:

  1. Go to your Integromat account

  2. Look for your favorite app, Qonto

  3. Enter your Qonto credentials and select the name of your organization

  4. Finally, allow Integromat to access your account by clicking on Allow access

☝️ Good to know: We may need some time to set up the update for this new connection.

Who can benefit from this integration?

Integromat is made for technology enthusiasts who want to go further. But you can all use it no matter which Qonto plan you have. All you need is an Integromat account.

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