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How does Qonto x Make (ex-Integromat) work?

Make Integromat Automation Tool

Updated over a week ago

With more than 500 connected apps, Make is an advanced online automation tool. Scenarios are unlimited, so you can go even further.

Qonto has developed an integration with Make to automate your financial processes.

How to set up the integration of Make with Qonto ?

You can connect your Qonto account with Make in just a few clicks:

  1. Go to your Make account

  2. Look for your favorite app, Qonto

  3. Enter your Qonto credentials and select the name of your organization

  4. Finally, allow Integromat to access your account by clicking on Allow access

☝️ Good to know: We may need some time to set up the update for this new connection.

How to initiate a transfer with Make ?

With Make, you can also initiate transfers, to an external account, but also between your Qonto current accounts. To protect your account, we have added the strong customer authentication system, which is the same as on your Qonto app.

To avoid validating your transfers manually every time, you can trust your beneficiaries beforehand :

Ready ! You can then automate your transfers on Make. 🎉

For further information about Make, visit their Help center !

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