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What is Intercom?

Intercom is a tool used by Qonto to communicate with you. Today, all clients with a French-based company can contact us directly through their Qonto web application and ask us any question! 🎉

Our team will take care of you.

Is it secured?

All tools and services used by Qonto follow a verification process to ensure both quality and security. Intercom complies with strict norms to ensure the confidentiality of your account data.

What does it mean concretely?

Main measures in place are the following:

  • Intercom uses an authentification and access control system that ensures application integrity and continuously monitor and check confidentiality norms, thanks to alerts

  • Security and integrity norms and processes are regularly controlled and certified by external and qualified third parties (SOC2 audit companies)

Therefore, Intercom does not access your banking account data. The only data Intercom has access to are those necessary to provide you with a customized and efficient service (name, surname, email). No more personal and account data are shared with Intercom.

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