Thanks to Qonto x Edebex, you will gain cash flow flexibility. How? By simply selling your invoices that are not yet due.

Why sell your invoices with Edebex?

By giving you the chance to sell your invoices with Edebex, Qonto makes the first move towards financial services availability. You don't need to wait anymore for the due date of your invoices to get paid. Therefore, you can manage your cash flow with more flexibility and develop your activity with peace of mind. Edebex makes sure your clients are creditworthy and takes care of reminders if needed.

What are Edebex's benefits?

Just like Qonto, Edebex is a simple, non-binding, and transparent service: no contract, no holdback, no personal guarantee, no obligation regarding selling or investment volume.

Please note that Edebex is a platform putting Qonto customers in contact with potential investors/purchasers and doesn't purchase invoices directly.

Qonto x Edebex in figures:

  • Invoices 100% financed

  • Financing fees of 4% on average

  • A free annual subscription, saving €250

☝️ Good to know: You must meet two requirements to benefit from a free annual subscription. You must have a Qonto account, and your company must be based in France.

How to sell your invoices with Edebex?

It only takes a few minutes to sell your invoices with Edebex:

  1. Choose the invoices you would like to sell

  2. Go on Edebex website

  3. Deposit your invoices and get an estimate of the amount and the fees applied

  4. Get the funds directly on your Qonto account in 72h

Any question regarding about Edebex? Contact them at [email protected]

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