How to set up Direct Debit for my customers?
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As of today, Qonto doesn’t enable you to set up Direct Debit to collect payments from your customers. But you can do it very easily using other services:

  • GoCardless is a service dedicated to collecting Direct Debit payments and managing payment plans. GoCardless uses their master Creditor Identifier (CID) to collect payments from your customers, but you can ask to use a Credit Identifier in your name by subscribing to a paid plan (your CID number will be generated within three days).

  • Stripe also provides a service to collect payments from your customers in your name, using your own Creditor Identifier.

How does it work?

GoCardless and Stripe will take care of collecting payments from your customers at the due date (upon mandate acknowledgement). Right after, your Qonto account will be credited with the funds collected.

Don’t forget that you can connect Stripe to your Qonto account to receive your payments even faster.

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