How does PayFit x Qonto work?

Salary Payment

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Qonto and PayFit have developed a simple, fast, and secure connection to ease the salary payment of your employees. From the same platform, you can pay up to 400 salaries in one click.

How to set up the integration of PayFit with Qonto?

First, you need to connect your Qonto account to your PayFit account. From the Bank Transfer section of PayFit app, click on Connect to my Bank, enter your Qonto credentials and follow the steps.
To know more about the account setup into the PayFit app, take a look at the PayFit dedicated article.

How can I pay my employees?

Qonto x PayFit allows you to pay your employees with your Qonto current account directly from PayFit.

  1. Go to the Bank transfer section of PayFit app

  2. Click on Pay salaries

  3. Validate the amount

  4. Enter your Qonto password, go through the security process and that's it!

Who can benefit from this integration?

Users with a Smart, Premium, Essential, Business or Enterprise plan can benefit from this integration and pay their employees' salaries from PayFit in a single click.

☝️ Good to know: You need to be Admin of both Qonto and PayFit accounts to authorize the payment.

For further information about PayFit, visit their help center !

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