Prohibited activities on Qonto :

Companies primarily engaged in the following industries are not allowed to open a Qonto account :

  • Sex (pornography, sex toys, escorting, prostitution...)

  • Weapons, military vehicles including copies

  • Smokable products (Tobacco, THC, cannabidiol, and E-cigarettes)

  • Casino, gambling

  • Fortune-telling, Astrology

  • Trading platforms (currencies, precious metals, gems, other commodities, securities)

  • Insurance brokerage activity if not registered with an administration

  • Financial agent activity if not registered with a regulator

  • Unlicenced payment services (crowdfunding, crowdlending, marketplace)

  • Management of funds, portfolios, and collective investments if not registered with a regulatory authority

  • Cryptocurrency - mining, staking, creation and commercialization of NFTs, wallet development, monetary blockchain creation, STO

  • Activities related to Energy Efficiency Certificates (CEE)

  • Accessibility diagnosis (Ad'Ap)

  • Artwork Selling, auction houses

  • Military activity: Sale of weapons, war vehicles (including any reproduction)

  • Online selling of drugs of any kind

  • Mobile phone top-up cards

  • Online File sharing

  • Selling of goods/services that may result in harming the honour or reputation of others

  • Selling of proteins and medicines

  • All illegal activities

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