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How do I keep track of my account transfer’s progress?
How do I keep track of my account transfer’s progress?
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Qonto provides a free and exclusive service to help you transfer your professional account easily to Qonto. To learn how to access this service, have a look at our FAQ article.

To complete the account transfer, you will first need to link your previous account to Qonto. Once this is done, you will receive a personalized account transfer plan based on your transactions. You will then be able to move on to the next steps, and monitor the progress of your account transfer at any time from a dashboard.

How do I keep track of my account transfer’s progress?

To access your dashboard, simply go to your interface for switching accounts, accessible from this address.

Using this dashboard, you will be able to complete several actions:

  • Consult your account information: you will be able to find the IBAN and BIC for your Qonto account at the top of the screen.

  • Consult the status of your transition: see how many actions you have completed and the remaining steps.

  • Chat with an advisor, by clicking on the purple icon at the bottom left of your screen.

How do I keep track of all my actions?

You can also monitor your transfer, transaction by transaction.

For a complete list of the account transfer actions to be completed, open the Debits or Credits section in the side menu.

  • In the Debits section, you will see a list of your outgoing payments.

  • In the Credits section, you will see a list of your incoming payments.

When you click to open one of these two sections, you will receive a complete list of actions that have yet to be completed, sorted into categories (direct debit, payments by card, transfers, and more).

When you have completed an action, simply check the box on the card to mark it as completed.

When you have no more cards remaining in your menus, your transfer is complete!

You can then close your transfer by clicking on End the transfer on your interface and then close your previous bank account.

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