Why can’t I validate my payment with a toll?
Updated over a week ago

Sometimes your Qonto card can be refused at a toll. When you make a payment with your card, the merchant has to perform an authorization to ensure that your account has enough funds.

The EPT communicates in real time with the acquiring bank. This allows them to issue a request for payment authorization and receive an almost-immediate response.

For that, it must be connected to internet network. Indeed, without connection, it will not be able to send an authorization request, essential for the validation of the payment.

This usually happens when you make payment in:

  • Parking lots (in the basement)

  • Bars/restaurants on high-speed trains or boats

  • Some automatic terminals of the SNCF or to buy transport tickets.

🤞Good to know: At the toll: you can reach a contact via a 24/7 call button to unblock the situation.

In car parks, focus on physical payment as much as possible. The e-payment subscription allows you to have competitive prices and can overcome this problem.

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