With Qonto you can pay all your F24, both debit and credit in a simple, quick and secure way.

Firstly, you need to activate the feature in order to delegate the payment of your F24s to our network of accountants, with whom Qonto collaborates to allow you to pay the F24s both in debit and credit and to offer you a more complete and innovative service compared to the one offered by traditional banks.

It only take a few minutes to activate this feature: we only ask you to accept the service terms and conditions and to enter the tax code of a legal representative.

When do I need to activate the feature?

In order to make your first payment for an F24, you need the feature activated.

Once activated, you will be able to pay for your F24 online in a few clicks, directly from your Qonto app.

How do I activate it?

Only the Account Holder or the Admin can activate the feature. If you have one of these roles, you just need to:

  • access your Qonto app from your computer, click on F24 and then on Pay the F24;

  • enter the tax code of the Account Holder and click on Continue;

  • confirm the entered tax code, finally accept the service terms and conditions and click Continue again.

As soon as the activation is completed, you will receive a confirmation email with the terms and conditions document you signed attached: you can view it or download it at any time.

From now on, anyone with access to the Qonto account as an Account Holder, Admin or Accountant can pay all F24 related to your business.

Are you the Accountant of the Qonto account and neither the Account Holder or Admin activated the F24 feature? You can send them the activation request directly from your app.🤩

In just a few clicks:

  • log in to your Qonto app from your computer, click on F24 and then on Request activation;

  • wait for the Account Holder or one of the Admin of the account to activate the feature.

As soon as the activation is requested, the Account Holder and the Admin will receive an email notification and they will be able to proceed with the feature activation as explained above!

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