We know that many of our Qonto users receive transfers via the Stripe platform, with payouts. That is the reason why together with Stripe, we have built an integration between our solutions that helps save you a lot of time!

What is Stripe exactly?

Stripe’s software and APIs allow businesses to accept payments, send payouts, and manage their businesses online. Stripe then pays out revenues directly into their customers bank accounts, including Qonto!

What is this integration all about?

When Stripe sends a payout to a Qonto user, Qonto identifies the details of the payout, matches them with corresponding invoices and correctly stores everything in the Qonto app. You must have the Stripe Invoice activated (or a similar third party) in order to enjoy this feature. It is free, and helps you stay compliant as each transaction has to be justified!

  1. Qonto identifies orders within the Stripe payout

  2. Qonto fetches each invoice, for each order

  3. Qonto matches the right doc with the right transaction

  4. Qonto displays the link to each invoice next to its transaction in the app in the History section

This means that each invoice is automatically attached to the corresponding transaction in your Qonto app, without you having to do anything!

How does it work?

To connect your Qonto account with Stripe, you don't need to know how to code. You can do it in just a few clicks:

  1. Go to the Connect section, in your Qonto app

  2. Click on the Stripe button

  3. Select your company in the dropdown

  4. Click on Accept

  5. Once redirected to Stripe, select the right Qonto account

  6. Click on Connect

And you are already done, ready for effortless bookkeeping!

Who can benefit from this integration?

Any Qonto customer with a Stripe subscription / account can access this time saving integration.

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