We're enriching our subscription offer and modifying our pricing range to better serve the needs of every business owner.

The Solo subscription at €9 per month is evolving and, from July 2021, it will be split into three distinct categories:

  • Basic, at €9 per month excluding taxes

  • Smart, at €19 per month excluding taxes

  • Premium, at €39 per month excluding taxes

🛎 If you've received an email or push notification announcing your transition to a Basic subscription and you're wondering what you get in your new package, you're in the right place to find out more.

In concrete terms, what changes for me with a new Basic subscription?

We know that, first and foremost, you need a business account to handle your daily operations. What we've done is improve your subscription without raising its price.

  • On the surface, your subscription has a different name: "Solo" is replaced by "Basic" as one of three different new offers.

  • The price still stays the same: €9 per month excluding taxes.

What you get for that is more scope for receiving and sending transfers:

  • You now have 30 transfers and direct debits per month included in your subscription, compared to 20 previously.

  • The fees for additional transfers and direct debits have been reduced, from €0.50 to €0.40.

On the other hand, accessing our finance and bookkeeping features will now require either a Smart or Premium subscription.

📌 For more details on the services, features and fees of the Basic subscription, read this page.

What do I get with the Smart and Premium options?

We've created three new offers in order to better serve the needs of all freelancers, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Here's an overview of each one:

  • Basic, at €9/month excl. tax

This subscription is suitable for those simply seeking an efficient business account for their day-to-day needs.

  • Smart, at €19/month excl. tax

This subscription gives you tighter control over your bookkeeping and finances, and includes a dedicated access for your accountant.

  • Premium, at €39/month excl. tax

This is the most complete package for the self-employed and business owners, and includes all the features of the Smart subscription, along with plenty more besides. You have up to 100 monthly transfers and direct debits included in your subscription, the chance to open five separate accounts, as well as a dedicated advisors team available for you on a daily basis.

📌 Find out about the services, features and fees for each subscription here.

Why is the Solo offer evolving?

We're enriching our range of subscriptions for one simple reason: not all entrepreneurs have the same business needs.

If some business owners are just looking for a reliable business account for their day-to-day operations, others, like yourself, also want to optimize their finance management. That's why we've been launching numerous finance and bookkeeping features over the last few months, and it's why we'll continue to follow this path.

For greater clarity and coherence, we've decided to adapt our subscriptions and pricing structure to fit these different needs.

In the interest of transparency, this is the first time we've chosen to change our range of services since we entered the market in 2017. It will allow us to continue to innovate and keep making your daily business simpler.

👆 If you are currently on a Basic Plan and have not yet enjoyed your free trial, find out how to activate your 1-month Smart Plan free trial at no additional cost. More info here.

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