We're enriching our subscription offer and modifying our pricing range to better serve the needs of every business owner.

The Solo subscription at €9 per month is evolving, it will be split into three distinct categories:

  • Basic, at €9 per month excluding taxes

  • Smart, at €19 per month excluding taxes

  • Premium, at €39 per month excluding taxes

🛎 If you've received an email or push notification announcing your transition to a Smart subscription and you're wondering what you get in your new package, you're in the right place to find out more.

In concrete terms, what changes for me with a new Smart subscription?

We know that you need a business account that will allow you to handle your daily operations but also one that gives you the tools to help you navigate your finance management and bookkeeping with ease.

We've created the Smart offer to meet your needs.

💡 Because you had a Solo account at €9 per month excluding tax, and because you already use one or more of our finance and bookkeeping features, you will be able to enjoy a Smart subscription at €9 per month instead of €19 per month for the first six months. This temporarily reduced price will be applied automatically.

You'll therefore have access to:

✔️ A business account with more useful features

  • 60 transfers and direct debits per month included in your subscription, or 40 more than you had with your old Solo subscription;

  • two cheque deposits included;

  • the possibility of creating a second account alongside your main account to manage your finances;

  • as many virtual cards as you wish;

  • SWIFT transfer reception without the €5-per-transaction fee that was applied with your Solo subscription;

  • the possibility of making grouped transfers.

✔️ All you need to simplify your finances

  • a dedicated access for your accountant;

  • the automation of your receipts;

  • automatic VAT detection;

  • the labelling of your transactions ;

  • the certification and transfer of all of your proofs-of-purchase;

  • tools to help manage suppliers (dedicated tabs, customized labels, personalized VAT);

  • connexion to more than 80 partner tools, via Connect.

📌 Find out more details about the services, features and pricing of the Smart subscription here.

I'd like to test the Smart subscription for six months but what will happen afterwards?

In the absence of any indication on your behalf, your Smart subscription will be prolonged once the six-month, €9-per-month transition period has elapsed. At that point, the price of your subscription will therefore go up to €19 per month excluding tax.

💡 You will find the exact expiry date of your offer on your Qonto interface. You just need to go to the Company settings section of your personal space and click on Subscription & Invoices.

We'll send you an email a few weeks before your transition period offer ends to remind you that it will expire and to re-explain your options, notably for a change to the Basic subscription.

What's included in the new Basic subscription?

The Basic subscription at €9 per month excl. tax is best suited to freelancers and self-employed workers who are simply looking for a practical business account to meet their day-to-day operational needs.

The Basic offer improves on the former Solo subscription by expanding the ability to send and receive money: there are 30 transfers and direct debits included in the Basic package, compared to the 20 that were available with Solo. What's more, the fees for each additional transfer beyond those 30 has been reduced, from €0.50 to €0.40.

On the other hand, the Basic subscription does not allow users to access the tools dedicated to finance management, such as the special access for accountants and automatic VAT detection. These features are only available for the Smart and Premium subscriptions.

👉 Good to know: your accountant can always retrieve the information he/she needs from your account, no matter what your package is (including Basic). To do this, you have two options:

1. Provide him/her directly with your account data such as your transaction list via the Qonto API.

2. Connect your account to one of the 80 tools used by your accountant and available in Qonto Connect. The bank reconciliation is automatic and you avoid multiple exports.

📌 Find out more details on the services, features and pricing of the Basic package here.

I would prefer to switch to a Basic subscription at €9 per month excl. tax. How do I do that?

You can, of course, revert to a Basic subscription at any moment. It is simple to do and only takes a few minutes. All you need to do is the following:

  • connect to your Qonto interface and go to the Company settings section;

  • click on Subscription and then Change subscription;

  • select the Basic offer.

⚠️ What do you do if you've already added your accountant to your Qonto account and/or opened a second account alongside your main one? These features are, from now, only available with a Smart or Premium subscription, so you'll need to do the following just before switching your account to Basic on your interface: A page will open, allowing you to: * revoke your accountant's dedicated access; * close your secondary account.

What are the benefits of the new Premium subscription?

The Premium subscription is the most complete of the Solo range.

What it offers you is this:

✔️ An all-you-need business account

  • Up to 100 transfers and direct debits per month, or 80 more than the former Solo package;

  • priority access to our customer service teams: a team of dedicated advisors, the possibility of contacting us directly by telephone.

  • as many virtual cards as you wish;

  • access to 5 sub-accounts on top of your main account;

  • 5 cheque deposits per month included with your package

  • SWIFT transfer reception without the €5-per-transaction fee that applied to the former Solo subscription**;**

  • a grouped transfer feature;

  • the certification and transfer of your proofs-of-purchase.

✔️ All you need to prepare your bookkeeping

  • dedicated access for your accountant;

  • automatic VAT detection;

  • tools designed to manage your suppliers (dedicated tabs, customized labels, personalized VAT).

✔️ Priority support by chat, phone or email

📌 Find out more details on the services, features and pricing of the Premium subscription here.

To upgrade to Premium, you just need to:

  • connect to your Qonto interface and go to the Company settings section;

  • click on Subscriptions & Invoices and then Change subscription.

  • select the Premium offer.

⚠️ Important: all the subscriptions in the Solo range (Basic, Smart and Premium) are limited to one user maximum. If you wish to benefit from multiple access rights for your company (besides the accountant's access), the Standard subscription will likely be the most appropriate. For more information on that, see here.

Why are we changing our price structure?

We're enriching our range of subscriptions for one simple reason: not all entrepreneurs have the same business needs.

If some business owners are just looking for a reliable business account for their day-to-day operations, others also want to optimize their finance management. That's why we've been launching numerous finance and bookkeeping features over the last few months, and it's why we'll continue to follow this path.

For greater clarity and coherence, we've decided to adapt our subscriptions and pricing to fit these different needs.

In the interest of transparency, this is the first time we've chosen to change our range of services since we entered the market in 2017. It will allow us to continue to innovate and keep making your daily business simpler.

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