How can I use the integration between Qonto and Comptalib?
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Comptalib is an accounting tool for businesses and their professional accountants.

Take advantage of the integration between Qonto and Comptalib on the Connect platform, and synchronize your Qonto transaction information with Comptalib automatically and securely.

This will help you save time you would otherwise spend sending your information to your accountant through a manual export.

How does the integration work?

To take advantage of the integration, you will need a Comptalib account. If you haven’t already got one, enjoy one month free on a subscription to Comptalib by clicking 👉 this link.

  1. Start by retrieving your Qonto API login information: from your web app, click on Integrations and Partnerships on the bottom left, than API key. Copy and paste your login information

  2. Log in to your Comptalib application then go to the Settings tab

  3. Select the Banks tab, then click on the Qonto logo

  4. Paste your Qonto API login information and submit the form

Your Qonto account is now synched, and your Qonto transaction information will be transferred to Comptalib automatically.

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