⚡ Flash cards are available for Advanced, Business and Enterprise plans. Members added to Qonto as Managers can create Flash cards for themselves or their team members.

Flash card, your temporary virtual card

The Flash card is ideal for one-off expenses.

✔️ Set the budget and time validity that corresponds to a specific need: equipment purchase, team lunch, business trip, or any other one-time request.

✔️ Available immediately after creation, add it to Apple pay / Google Pay to pay in a shop, restaurant or gas station.

✔️ Flash card expires automatically on the date set.

I am an Admin: How do I create a Flash Card?

Go to the Cards section and on the cards panel, select the Flash card.

Then choose:

  • An account associated with the card spend.

  • A card holder: you, or someone on your team already on Qonto.

  • A budget: Between €5 and €20,000, just like a virtual card. This budget can be changed at any time until the Flash card expires.

  • A time of use: Set the end date of use. After this date, the card will automatically expire. Please note that this date cannot be changed. If you need a payment after this date, you will have to create a new Flash card.

Once these parameters have been entered, the card can be used immediately and will be available in the Cards section of the selected card holder.

Good to know: By inviting employees onto your Qonto account in advance, you will be able to create cards for them when they need them. Indeed, the validation of a new member can take up to 48 hours.

👉 How to invite a new user to my Qonto account

I'm an Admin: How do I manage a Flash card?

  • Once the card has been created, no further action is required on your part: the Flash card will expire automatically on the date set.

  • If the cardholder needs to increase the initially set limit, you can change the card settings at any time from the Cards section.

⚠️ Please note that it is not possible to change the expiry date. If you need a payment after this date you will have to create a new Flash card.

I am an Employee: How do I get a Flash card?

  1. Contact your account admin and ask for a Flash card, indicating the amount and the final day of use.

  2. Your administrator creates a Flash card. It will be available immediately in your Cards section to pay online or in store using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Good to know: It is not yet possible to request a card directly from your Qonto account, this will happen soon.

How do I use a Flash card?

  1. Pay online by getting the card information from the app (Cards section) and copy it on one click. Pay in store by adding the card to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

  2. The Flash card will automatically expire on the date set. Be careful, this date cannot be changed. If you have to pay after the date, you will have to ask for a new flash card.

Good to know: Remember to add your payment receipt. You can take a picture of the receipt from your application or forward a receipt by email

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