How to ease your bookkeeping with Qonto?
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Whether you are independent or in a company, preparing bookkeeping is crucial to avoid a potential fine during an accounting audit.

On Qonto, you can speed up the process, from spending to reconciliation.

Good to know for Smart, Premium, Essential, Business and Enterprise plans: Did you know you can give viewing access to your accountant directly? This will ease your interactions!

1. Add payment receipts in seconds

After each card payment or transaction, you can directly add proof of payment on Qonto. You have multiple choices:

Good to know: For all Smart, Premium, Essential, Business and Enterprise customers, since 14th December 2020, all added receipts are certified. This means you don't need to keep their paper version to be compliant.

What's more? For all Smart, Premium, Essential, Business and Enterprise customers, we automatically detect VAT on attached receipts, no need to fill it anymore.
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2. Ask for receipts and approve transactions

Adding receipts is one thing, but to be ready for bookkeeping, you need to ensure all receipts are attached, including the correct VAT amount as well as labels and categories.

  • Easily identify missing receipts

In the History section, you can click directly on Missing receipts and all the transactions without receipts will be displayed.

  • Ask for receipts (for Essential, Business and Enterprise plans)

If there is a missing receipt, team members will receive automatic reminders. Or the Account holder and Admins can send manual requests to team members by clicking on Request attachment.

  • Verify all information (receipt, VAT, labels) (for Smart, Premium, Essential, Business and Enterprise plans)

You can filter your transactions by using our default views or by creating yours. You can access it by clicking the Custom view button. You will be able to select multi-criteria, considering dates, recent updates, VAT, categories and labels.

  • Approve transactions for more visibility

If all information is available, you can Mark as verified to indicate that these transactions are ready for accounting.

3. Connect with your accounting tool

With our integration platform Connect, you can sync Qonto with your accounting tool: no more information reprocessing.

Connect is available in the Advanced section of the app, and we currently offer more than 80 connections! Find yours!

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