The Manager role is available on the Business and Enterprise team plans.

This role enables company owners and CFOs to easily delegate specific actions to their managers entrusting them to be in charge of their team's spending.

Admins or the Account Holder have the right to invite a new user with Manager role, and similarly to users with Admin and Employee roles, the Manager needs to go through a KYC validation process.

Actions the Manager can do:

  • ✅ Create and manage physical, virtual and flash cards for their dedicated team

  • ✅ Accept transfer requests of their dedicated team

  • ✅ Create external transfers

  • ✅ Invite new team members to their team with Employee role

  • ✅ See and export transactions of their team members

Actions the Manager can't do:

  • ❌ Create internal transfers

  • ❌ See the balance of account(s)

  • ❌ Access advanced features of the organisation (company profile, direct debits, checks, bookkeeping, analytics, connect, bank switch).

👉 What are the levers of control for the Admins and the Account Holder when they have Managers in the organisation?

Managers have access to all accounts to initiate external transfers from, however, they can't see the balance. They also have the right to create cards and set limits on them.

While Managers can create transfers and cards on their own - without having the Admins or the Account Holder approve it - all their transactions are visible under the History and Cards sections on the Qonto account, so Admins and Account Holder can easily check on them at any time.

To make sure that all teams are spending within their pre-agreed budget, we suggest having clear company-level expense policies in place which each Manager and their teams can keep themselves to.

👉 Important to note: what happens if the Admin, the Account Holder and the Manager are in the same team?

We suggest always inviting Managers into a team of their own which is different to the team of the Admins and the Account Holder.

If the Admins or the Account Holder are in the same team with the Manager, the Manager can update the settings of the Admins' and Account Holder's card, see their transactions and transfers and they also have the right (but only in this particular scenario when they are in the same team) to remove the Admins from the account.

The Manager still won't have access to direct debits or checks (these are organisation-level features) and these pages will be still restricted.

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