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What is and how does the partnership with Qonto work?
What is and how does the partnership with Qonto work?
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As a 100% digital payment institution, Qonto has always been committed to streamline and simplify the financial management of Italian SMEs.

It is with this goal in mind that the partnership with was born: to minimize the impact of bureaucracy on business operations, giving them back the time to focus on their activities and increase their business! 🤩

What is concretely doing? is the first 100% online legal service, created with the aim of simplify and make legal assistance accessible to everyone, thanks to continuous updates and the use of innovative technologies. 🚀

Through its platform, specifically designed to allow companies, professionals, and even private individuals to easily navigate through forms and timelines, offers a complete legal service, capable of guiding users step by step who need consultancy.

With over 200 types of legal documents available in less than 6 minutes, the support of a network of sector professionals, and extremely competitive costs compared to traditional consultancy, presents itself as a quick, simple alternative in line with the needs of an increasingly digital world, fully reflecting Qonto's philosophy.

The synergy between Qonto and

The agreement between Qonto and covers all the administrative and legal needs that every SME may face in its journey of birth, growth, and evolution, thus allowing to offer a complete professional consultancy in a simple and effective manner.

Specifically, thanks to our partnership, you can benefit from a wide range of services:

- The establishment of your SRL or innovative startup in just 72 hours, comfortably online up to the signing of the notary deed;

- The 100% digital opening of your VAT number, for freelancers and independent professionals;

- The availability of all the necessary legal support for your business at advantageous conditions.

Eliminate time losses by simplifying bureaucratic complexity and choose for all your legal requirements! 😉

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