How to connect Agicap to Qonto ?
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Agicap is a cashflow management tool. You can connect your Qonto account to Agicap, in order to automate and improve the reliability of your cashflow management:

  • Follow in real-time your incoming and outgoing payments from your Qonto account directly from your Agicap app.

  • Define your own categories and let Agicap's AI categorize automatically all your transactions.

  • Verify in real-time and on the same platform how your company is performing versus your cashflow forecasts.

☝️ Good to know: You cannot retrieve your transactions' attachments with the integration.

To set up the connexion, follow these simple steps:

Open your Agicap app and visit the Bank tab. Then click on Manage my banks then, Connect a bank. Fill in your Qonto credentials.

The integration is now set!

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