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How to download the Qonto app from a Huawei device?
How to download the Qonto app from a Huawei device?
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Since 2019, some Huawei and Honor devices no longer have access to Google services, including the Google Play Store.

It is still possible to access the Qonto app from your phone.

How to download the Qonto app from the Huawei Store?

Downloading the Qonto app is easy:

  • Go to AppGallery (Huawei-equivalent of Google Play Store)

  • Type Qonto in the search bar

  • Click on Get to go to the Apkmonk website

  • Click on Download APK

  • Well done, the Qonto app is installed! 🎉

Qonto Application features

The following features are available on the app:

  • View your transactions

  • Add your invoice/receipt to your transactions

  • Send SEPA transfers

  • Create cards for your team members

  • Manage card limits

  • Lock your cards

  • View and download your statements

It is also possible to pair your Huawei phone to your Qonto account, especially to validate sensitive actions and your identity. To learn more, visit this article!

☝️ The app does not support notifications. We advise you to open the app manually every time you perform actions that require confirmation.

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