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How do I retrieve data from my historical account?
How do I retrieve data from my historical account?
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☝️ This article is only for customers who had a previous account with an IBAN beginning with TRZO. By switching to our new banking platform, you can still access transactions from your historical account.

How do I authenticate myself?

You have several options:

  • Simply use your Qonto ID and Password.

  • Use your New Account ID and Secret Key to authenticate, and access both your historical and new bank accounts

How do I access my historical account information?

Simply go to the Settings & Tools section, then click on Account settings 👉 Historical Data.

On this page, you will be able to retrieve :

  • Your account statements

  • Your invoices

  • An export of your transactions, with or without the associated receipts

☝️ Good to know: You can also access the account statements of your historical account from the Account Statements section. To do so, simply click on View Historical Data archived statements at the very bottom of the last page.

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