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I have a French existing company, what are the steps to follow when registering?
I have a French existing company, what are the steps to follow when registering?
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Do you want to create a Qonto account for your already existing business? Here are, in detail, the different steps you will need to perform:

In order to save time, you can now prepare the following documents:

📄 The name or SIRET number (for France) / Registration number (for Italy) of your company

👥 Your identity document (ID card, passeport, residence permit)

We recommend that you register using a smartphone or a computer with a camera.
💡 Google Chrome browser is 100% compatible with Qonto

Here we go ⬇️

First, go to the Qonto website and click on the button "open an account" at the top right of your screen

❗️You will only be able to use your company's Qonto account for a corporate activity, for example for the payment of salaries, the payment of invoices, etc. On the other hand, you cannot use your Qonto account to collect funds on behalf of third parties, a situation for which Qonto will close your account with 30 days' notice.

1st step:

Select the French flag, so that, your file will be handled by the referring team.

💡 If your company is registered in Italy, Spain or Germany select the correct flag.

2nd step:

Select the box "You have a company or an association" to continue your registration.
If you do not have a company or association but you wish to create one, then select the "You wish to create a company" box.

3rd step:

Choose the form of your company "Independent" or "TPE, SME, startup or association"

4 and 5 steps:

You have selected "Independent" ✅ or "TPE, SME, startup or association"

  • Write the email address that you will use as your identifier when you log in to access your Qonto interface.

  • Go to your mailbox to retrieve the confirmation code, then, enter it in the appropriate zone.
    ❗️The confirmation code is only valid for 30 minutes.

  • Find your company by entering the company name / SIREN / SIRET number or registration number (Italy) and click on the "search" button. You will then need to confirm your business information.

  • Let us know who you are.

    • If you are the company's corporate officer, select your name and confirm your information.

  • ❗️ If you are not the company's corporate officer, it will be necessary to download a delegation of power from the corporate officer to you, by selecting the option: "You are not an executive, but you have a proxy from one of them? Click here "

Tips: for the document to be admissible, we invite you to:

  • Take a picture of your ID card directly with your smartphone 📱

  • Do not use the flash so that there are no light reflections

  • The 4 corners of the document must be clearly visible as well as all the information

💡 You can read this article for more information on how to take a good picture of your ID card

  • Record the identification video.

    💡 For this to be admissible, please turn your head and read the numbers aloud. It is also important that you are alone in the video.

  • Enter your personal address

  • Tell us if you are one of the beneficial owners of the company

Step 6:

Choose the offer that best suits your needs

Step 7:

Accept the terms and conditions of the contract

Step 8:

Choose the card that meets your needs and start to use your account!

Once you have received your IBAN, you can directly fund your account, with a SEPA Instant or standard transfer, or even by card (on a computer)!

Welcome to Qonto 🎉

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