You have created your Infogreffe account, but you need a deposit certificate to complete your registration : Infogreffe will offer you to obtain this document with Qonto.


You will need to meet the following conditions:

✅ The legal form of your company is accepted by Qonto (SAS, SASU, SARL, EURL, SELARL, SNC or SCI) and you have filled it in on the Infogreffe website.

✅ You meet our eligibility requirements.

✅ You choose to make your deposit with Qonto.

Click on the "MAKE MY CAPITAL DEPOSIT ONLINE " button (at the bottom right) to advance to the next step:

Click on the "Open an account" button to be redirected to the Qonto website:

Registration at Qonto

Registration at Infogreffe

This redirection to the Qonto website will save you time. Indeed, we will collect the email address provided on Infogreffe.

It will be pre-filled directly on our website:

You will then be able to follow the steps of the capital deposit on our website:

  1. The upload of your documents

  2. The transfer of your capital

  3. The sending of your funds to the notary and the signature of your deposit certificate

After signing your Qonto contract, you will have to continue your registration on the Infogreffe website.

Depending on the step of your capital deposit at Qonto (and before signing your certificate of deposit), you may come across the following screens:

  • Your capital deposit at Qonto is not yet complete (missing documents, transfer of funds to be completed...) → you will be redirected to our site with the "Continue to Qonto" button, so you can perform the necessary actions.

  • Your capital deposit registration is being verified by our services → you will see the mention "under verification at Qonto" on the Infogreffe website, our teams will come back to you shortly.


1️⃣ For your information, by choosing to continue the adventure with Qonto, Infogreffe will send us the relevant information for your registration:

  • first and last name

  • your email

  • the legal form chosen for your future company

  • the corporate name (i.e. the name) of your future company

2️⃣ When your registration with Qonto is completed (after signing the contract), we will transmit the following information to Infogreffe:

  • the company's name

  • the legal form of the company

  • the company's registered address (as indicated in your bylaws)

  • your email address

  • your first and last name

  • your personal address (postal code, city and country)

  • your date of birth

  • your city and country of birth

  • your nationality


Once you have obtained your deposit certificate from Qonto (step 7 of the capital deposit), you can resume your registration directly on the Infogreffe website. You will have to complete your Infogreffe registration until the "ADD YOUR DOCUMENTS" step.

Qonto will transmit your deposit certificate directly to Infogreffe. The document will then appear on your Infogreffe registration and you will need to upload the other documents necessary for your registration:


After the validation of your registration by the Greffe, you will have to upload your final Kbis (with RCS number and registry stamp) directly on your Qonto interface.

The document will be validated by our services (within 5 working days maximum), and this action will finalize the creation of your Qonto account and launch the release of your capital on it. 🎉

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