How can I mark a payee as trustworthy?

Transfer automation with Zapier, Make, or other no-code platforms

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With Qonto, you can not only easily transfer money through the app or your computer but also automate your payments using No-Code platforms like Zapier and Make, or directly through our API.

This saves you valuable time and allows you to efficiently manage payment processes for suppliers and employees or seamlessly organize cash flows between your accounts.

Why adding trusted beneficiaries is important

To ensure the security of your automatic transfers, we have introduced a strong authentication system that requires confirmation of each transfer via push notification on your smartphone. To bypass this step and save time, we recommend marking your regular payees as trusted.

How to add trusted beneficiaries

  1. Open Qonto on your computer and navigate to Business Account → Transfers.

  2. When creating a transfer, you will find the option to manage your recipients in the menu.

  3. For existing recipients: Hover over the recipient, click on the three dots, and select "Mark as Trusted". Confirm this step on your smartphone.

  4. For new recipients: Add the recipient and follow the process described above.


Once you have set up your trusted recipients, you can plan and execute automatic transfers without interruption via Zapier, Make, and our API.

👉 Good to know: Recipients can also be marked as trusted via the Qonto API.

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