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Transfer Automation : Why and how can I add a trusted beneficiary?
Transfer Automation : Why and how can I add a trusted beneficiary?

Transfer automation with Zapier, Make, or other no-code platforms

Updated over a week ago

With Qonto, you can initiate transfers from the web and mobile app, but did you know that you can also automate your transfers thanks to no-code platforms Zapier and Make (ex-Integromat)?

This will allow you to save time and build your own workflows: automate the payment of your suppliers, of your employees, or organize your finances between your different accounts.

Why should I add a trusted beneficiary?

In order to give your transfers via Zapier and Make (ex-Integromat) the same level of security than transfers initiated from the app, we have added the strong customer authentication system.

This system generates a push notification on your mobile to validate your transfer. To avoid validating your transfers manually every time, you have to trust your beneficiaries beforehand.

How to add a trusted beneficiary?

Open your Qonto app from your computer, and visit the Business account section then Transfers tab. Start the process to initiate a transfer, to access the beneficiaries management panel.

Then, you have two possibilities:

  • If your beneficiary already exists: hover on the name of the beneficiary, click on the three dots and then on Mark as trusted. You will just have to confirm your operation using your phone.

  • If your beneficiary doesn't exist yet: start by creating your beneficiary, then follow the same process as above.

💡 Good to know: You can also mark your beneficiaries as trusted directly from the API.

Once this is done, you can automate your transfers with this beneficiary from Zapier and Integromat or with the API.

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