How are your Qonto fees calculated?
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At Qonto, our mission is to offer you a complete business account, with a fair and transparent pricing.

For this reason, each plan contains a clear number of included operations. The fees that can be applied outside of your subscription are those tied to additional operations, like cash withdrawal or additional cards.

Some of these fees will be part of your monthly fees (cards and additional members), while all other fees will be debited at the moment of the operation.

💡 In some cases, it can be a good choice to upgrade your plan, to get access to a higher number of operations and advanced features.

👉 To know more about our plans, have a look at our dedicated website page.

👉 If you want to understand how the billing works at Qonto, visit this article.

How are additional fees calculated?

Depending on your plan, a certain number of operations are included. To help you understand how additional fees are calculated, follow the guide below:


A certain number of physical, virtual or Instant cards are included depending on your plan.

Physical cards: Your plan contains a certain number of physical One cards. If you wish to order additional cards, they will be charged (€5 per One card, €6 per Plus card, €20 per X card, €6 per extra card delivery).

Virtual cards: Virtual cards are available on all plans. With the Basic plan, you will be charged €2 per month, per card. All other plans contains unlimited free virtual cards.

Instant cards: Instant cards are disposable cards for one-off expenses. They are only available for Business and Enterprise plans, and they are unlimited and free.

For the One, the virtual and the Instant cards, you can still use your card abroad, but you’ll be charged of an exchange commission on non-euro card payments (2%). This commission is lowered to 1% with the Plus card and is free with the X card.

Cash withdrawal

The billing for cash withdrawal will depend on the card you withdraw cash with:

  • One card: €2 per withdrawal;

  • Plus card: 5 withdrawals included per month, €2 per additional withdrawal;

  • X card: unlimited free withdrawals.

Transfers and direct debits

SEPA zone: Your plan contains a specific number of transfers (incoming and outgoing) and direct debits. For any additional operation, you will be charged €0.40 (for Basic, Smart and Premium plans) or €0.25 (for Essential, Business and Enterprise plans).

SWIFT zone: Incoming and outgoing transfers are treated differently. Incoming transfers will be charged €5 per transfer for all plans. Outgoing transfers are charged €5 for all plans + decreasing % of the amount of the transfer according to the price plan.

  • Solo - Basic: 1%

  • Solo - Smart: 0.9%

  • Solo - Premium: 0.8%

  • Team - Essentiel: 1%

  • Team - Business: 0.75%

  • Team - Entreprise: 0.5%

Checks (for French companies only)

Your plan contains a specific number of checks depending on your plan. For any additional deposited check, a €2 fee will be applied.


If you have an Essential, Business or Enterprise plan, you can add members on Qonto. The number of members you can add depends on your plan. If you manage a bigger team, you can still add additional members, for €5 per member, per month.

The only other fees that could be applied correspond to operational fees, which only rarely occur. You can see the detail of these fees in our Prices document.

Service fees

You may be charged other additional fees during the use of your Qonto account. This can be a fee for the delivery of a new card or exceptionally for the processing of irregularities, for example in France, in the context of a judicial authority demanding the repayment of an unpaid debt (a "seizure on account" or "SATD" in our jargon).

SATD and Seizures (for French companies)

The management of SATD is invoiced at 10% of the total amount requested by the seizing structure, with a high ceiling of €100 including VAT; the management of seizures is invoiced at €100 including VAT.

Delivery fees

The delivery of a card will be charged €6 excluding VAT.

How to find the details of my Qonto fees?

You can have complementary information on all Qonto fees from your history view, by clicking on the transaction line.

Moreover, if you wish to see the details of your charges during the current month, you can go to Settings & Tools > Account settings > Price plan details.

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