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At Qonto, you can deposit a check if your clients have absolutely no other means of payment.

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Before depositing a check into my Qonto account, I verify the following:

  • 🚨 The check must be made out to the name of my company, the same name as the one on my Qonto account. If the payee name on the check is the commercial name of my company, and it is not registered on my account, I must request its addition before depositing my check by following this procedure.

  • All references to the cheque must be correctly completed (no deletions, errors, changes, date, place, signature, etc.)

  • My check must be endorsed (signed on the back)

How do I deposit a check to my Qonto account?

  1. From the section ‘Business Account’, click on 'Checks' (available from the Plus tab on your mobile app)*

  2. Click on ‘Deposit a check’ and be guided.

  3. Mail your check within 2 weeks to the address that appears in your interface. If this deadline is not met, we will unfortunately not be able to process the check.

* Functionality available only for Administrator, Account Holder and Manager access.

What are the check cashing limits?

The total amount collected may not exceed €30,000 over 30 consecutive days, up to a limit of €15,000 per check.

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