💡 On April 5, 2022, we announced the launch of our customers crowdfunding campaign in partnership with the UK platform Crowdcube.

Qonto is the first European 🦄 to launch a major pan-European crowdfunding campaign. We are raising over €1 million as "top-up" funding to our Series D round announced on January 11, 2022.

Pre-registration is open from April 5th to April 19th, 2022.

  • Why is Qonto inviting its community to invest?

From the beginning, our customers have always been at the heart of our mission. Today, we want to go even further and involve them directly in our success by investing in Qonto. Who better than you, entrepreneurs, to help us build the future of Qonto?

  • Why should you invest in Qonto?

Qonto is the first scale-up unicorn in the EU to open its capital to its community. It’s a unique opportunity for our clients to be a part of Qonto’s success. Thanks to our prestigious investors, we’re already valued at €4.4 billion. You can find out more about it here.

  • What is community funding?

Community funding is a way for people to invest in an unlisted company that they believe in, in exchange for equity in that company. This equity evolves with the company’s level of success, either increasing or decreasing in value.

  • Who can invest in Qonto?

We will open our capital to Qonto clients :

  1. over 18 years old,

  2. who have access to a Qonto account as "Account Holder", "Administrator", "Manager" or "Accountant";

  3. residing in France, Italy, Germany or Spain.

The Qonto account to which these users have access must be created and validated and must not be debtor. Both the Qonto account and the client's access must be active by campaign's opening.

  • What benefits do I get as a shareholder?

One benefit is the potential return on your investment should your equity increase in value (for example, following an IPO or a takeover). Investing in Qonto also allows you to contribute to the development of future products and, in this way, support the overall success of the company alongside our current investors.

  • Why does Qonto need to raise more funds after closing a Series D funding round of €486M?

We’re inviting our customers to become shareholders primarily to share in our success and to actively involve them in our future. Both the funds we raised recently and those to be raised by our community will accelerate our hyper-growth. You’ll find more information here.

  • How much do you expect to raise?

Our target is at least 1 million, and we are legally blocked to a maximum of 5 millions. Our main objective with this investment campaign is to involve our customers in our mission and our success. The idea is to create a European community that is united behind one common goal.

  • What does "Qonto community" mean? Can someone who is not a Qonto customer also invest?

Our customers have been at the heart of our mission from day one. That’s why we’ve primarily dedicated our initiative to our community (i.e. our clients). The campaign will be open to everyone interested, but right now we’re giving our users priority access to this investment.

  • Does pre-registering commit me to invest?

Not at all. Pre-registering at this stage just shows us that you want to learn more about the initiative and makes sure you are on the priority list to invest. We expect to hit our fundraising targets quickly, so secure your spot now and keep an eye on your inbox. 👀

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